A Few of My Favorite Things

Winter is almost over! Despite the three alleged snow days showing up in this week’s forecast (the unmitigated gall!), cold weather can only endure for so long. May this in-between season allow you space to pause and wait on the Lord, breathing in the hope that comes in the morning. Life is just as much about the waiting as it is about the moments we wait for, and sometimes God likes to be more active in the former than in the latter. Let’s commit to growing as we pause today, developing a character that will be able to withstand the exciting/chaotic/glorious mess of tomorrow.

How about you? What needs doing in preparation for what you’re working toward? A bit of home organizational prowess? A regular schedule? A healthy routine?

Over and over again in Scripture, God allows a period of waiting (sometimes boring, sometimes uncomfortable) to develop His people for what comes next. Embrace it. Make the most of it. Who knows how long it will be before you look back at this time longingly? The next stage is one of big things, but this stage is where faithfulness is built. Big things without faithfulness never last long. Cultivate a spirit now that will freak the enemy out for a long time to come.

Some March gifts to point you toward

Photographer: Samantha Lamb

This girl takes the warmest, sweetest pictures. book stacks, piled lace, old quilts, brown eggs, wildflower fields, fresh produce, raw honey… it doesn’t get much better than this. She throws them all together in a gorgeous jumble so that ships sail through purple blooms and a harmonica nestles itself down onto a tree branch. Meanwhile lightbulbs and spools of thread pop up where you’d never expect them.

Spring Cleaning Inspiration: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae

I wish I’d been given this the moment I moved into my own house. if you give this book 31 days, you’ll get a tidy abode and a quiet(er) heart. It’s broken up into short chunks—a little study each day—followed by a Martha challenge (action-oriented) and a Mary challenge (heart-oriented). You don’t have to tackle your entire place at once, so no worries there. But by the end of the month, you’ve got a clear picture of what kind of environment you want to consistently contribute to and your spring cleaning is done!

Time Management Book: Amber Turner’s The Fringe Hours

If you read the intro paragraphs to this blog post and thought, “I just don’t have the time to pursue any dreams, let alone prepare for them,” please make the time to read this book. Have to snatch five minutes at your coffee break, four minutes in the carpool line, and ten minutes waiting for dinner to finish cooking? That’s okay. I never realized how many unclaimed opportunities arise each day—fringe hours—that can accumulate into a chance to make dreams happen until I read this book. Totally worth it.

Post-Valentine’s Marriage Blog: When You Think Your Love Story Is Boring by Lisa Jo Baker

The feels. So many feels. A beautiful answer to the hyped-up romance nazis who demand butterflies and unicorns every moment of every day after saying “I do.” I dare you to read this and not come away with a new appreciation for your spouse.

Bible Study: Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe

The sabbath never meant much to me until this lovely firecracker turned my world upside down. Priscilla is classy, hilarious, and amazingly gifted at bringing truth to hearts in a fresh package. She discusses the concept of margin, tying it to the Israelites as they learned to follow a foreign God with foreign ways. That foreign God used this study in my life to show me where I was performing out of a need to belong in the kingdom, how I was refusing to rest in His grace and truth. A fabulous perspective-shifter for those addicted to producing and serving and maintaining and doing.

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