A Few of My Favorite Things

Can you smell it? Love is in the air. (Maybe the scent is of roses from your boyfriend or soft baby skin after bath time or the well-worn pages of your Bible. Let’s not box ourselves in here. There’s too much love for that.) Regardless of your relationship status, this month is where admiration and affection come into their own. I’d love to wrap up the prettiest package you’ve ever seen stuffed with good things just for you and leave it on your porch with a happy note. But I can’t. So you’ll have to settle for this.

Some February gifts to point you toward

Sermon Series: The Peasant Princess by Mark Driscoll

The Song of Solomon has never been steamier (or more applicable). Granted, there has been a little dust kicked up by Pastor Mark over the past couple of years. But people, good material is seriously hard to come by. And this material is the best out there. Believe me—I’ve looked. He handles Scripture really well and in a super relatable way. This is great for both marrieds and singles.

Book: Dave Harvey’s When Sinners Say I Do

Best marriage book ever. It’s about how to saturate the hardest and most rewarding human relationship with the gospel. (And at the moment, the Kindle edition is $1.99. Score.)

Website: thedatingdivas.com

Listen, friends. These women have gathered hoards of ideas for all kinds of romantic outings, gestures, and tips. You might giggle or roll your eyes at some, but out of the bazillions of offerings they’ve got, something will strike your fancy. This isn’t a Christian website, but it should definitely help spark the creative juices.

Scripture: Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another in love. Outdo yourselves in showing honor.

Seriously, take this as a challenge from Jesus this month. Outdo yourself in honoring your spouse, significant other, or best friend. Think outside the box. Do a little plotting on their behalf. Be intentional. You can go small and steady (a little something every day) or big and bold (whatever that looks like for you). Tip: everyone feels loved or honored differently. Figure out how your person works most naturally and pour into them like that.

Date Night: Fondue It Fancy

Easy peasy. Break out your crock pot and get classy with dipping whatever you like into melted cheese or chocolate by candlelight. Need some specific ideas? Hit up Pinterest.

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