A Few of My Favorite Things

Welcome to a sparkly, stunning, brand-new year, friend! Let’s hold our breath and jump in to the beautiful plans God has for us together. As we bravely venture forward into the great unknown with a fair amount of sass, here are some pieces of happiness to help light the way.

Some January gifts to point you toward

Personal Reference: My Bibliofile by Potter Style

A must-have if “read more” is on your list of resolutions; this helpful book journal lets you record the title, author, date, rating, and notes for everything your little bookwormish heart consumes so you can keep it all straight (and it includes fun interactive pages throughout to help you engage with what you’ve read).

Recipe: Snow Ice Cream by The Prairie Homestead

Because we must have something tasty to do with all of this white stuff, and because an obscene amount of my friends FROM NEW ENGLAND have never even heard of snow ice cream. This situation must be remedied pronto.

Website: ambient-mixer.com

This is the best thing since sliced bread: a ton of interesting soundscapes to work, study, read, bake, or throw snowballs to—for my fellow nerds, I recommend Belle’s Library, Rainy Afternoon at Bag End, and The Gryffindor Common Room (bonus points for playing soft thematic music in the background).

Books: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

These two hilarious reads can beat back the winter blues with the best of them.

Task: Unclutter All the Things

Although this might not seem like a piece of happiness right off the bat, just try it: tackle a few messy areas that sap your mental energy unnecessarily and discover a whole new space to breathe in grace and breathe out joy.

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