A Christmas Blessing

Your world is full of voices, all vying to be heard and repeated by you. Maybe it’s your parents or your boss or your friend or your regrets or your pride or your self-hatred or your pastor or your hopes or your rules or any of a million others clamoring for attention. Sweet friend, as you finish wrapping up your preparations for Christmas (maybe literally), will you nestle in, allowing the goodness of the Lord to speak over you? Turn down the knob of the world’s buzz and allow your heart to give in to a holy hush.

Women of old pronounced blessings over one another, speaking life into weary souls. I’d love the opportunity to dream on your behalf today.

This Christmas, may you be stretched with the knowledge of Christ’s abundant love for you. May you fret little, laugh long, and keep your eyes open for treasures already scattered around you. Be swept away by the moment, never giving regrets of the past or worries of the future a foothold in the beautiful space of now. May you find chances to bless others like crazy, God spilling out of you into their need. Cultivate beauty wherever you can and speak the truth as graciously as possible.

Be willing to unwrap whatever the Spirit hands you—a relationship to mend, a wound to heal, a sin to repent of, a dream to release. Just say yes. May your Christmas be a glorious mess of quiet and boisterous, tears and belly laughs, family bonding and time alone with Jesus. May you be filled with good things. You are holy and dearly loved, purchased at the highest price and newly purposed. Fear has no hold in your heart; it’s been replaced with the wonder of the manger and the cross. May you dwell steadily in between the two, never wandering far from the presence of God with us who died for us.

May you be blessed this Christmas and always.

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