Girly Photo Scavenger Hunt (Fall)

Sorry, gents, but they say to write what you know, and I know glitter runs through my veins. Check back next time. Until then, ladies, this one’s for you. I have spent months scraping the dregs of my brain (okay, okay: I may have scoured Pinterest) for the very best autumn weekend outing while the weather holds. If you can, grab a girlfriend and head out to capture as many of the following seasonal shots as you can.

  • Enjoy a hot drink at a local shop
  • Rock some flannel (and bonus points if you pair it with boots)
  • Immerse yourself in an art gallery or two
  • Bake up something that tastes like fall
  • Jump into a pile of leaves (but get out fast or the nopes* could get you)
  • Have a picturesque picnic lunch
  • Go apple picking
  • Gather a bouquet of autumn colors
  • Watch the sunset
  • Light up a bonfire
  • Walk through a cemetery (it’s really not as weird as it sounds)
  • Find an amazing something made of pumpkin
  • Dress up
  • Get a fall manicure/pedicure/blowout
  • Visit a cute bookstore
  • Go to a flea market
  • Find three textures that represent the season to you
  • Enjoy something warm and tasty for dinner
  • Take a walk/hike
  • Make a fall craft (one you will love to display)
  • Check out three local stores that sell autumn goods (scented wax, wooly scarves, etc.)

That’s it! No pressure to do every single one of these—or even any of them. But really, we only have so much nice-ish weather left before being buried beneath a mound of snow for a while, so why not take advantage of the season? If nothing else, use this list as a jumping-off point for your own photo scavenger hunt. Have fun. Get creative. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

*nopes: what we call spiders at my house

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