Financial Freedom

Money and I have a love/hate relationship. It serves as a source of security for me, but I rebel against that need when I think about how good God has proven Himself. I don't personally make any (because I work from home), but I can't do a whole lot without it. Money can't buy happiness,... Continue Reading →

Emotional Freedom

A moment of transparency at the outset of this aspect of freedom: I’ve always been sort of uncomfortable with emotions. (Most women seem to be super familiar and comfortable with themselves in this area, so I feel like a fish out water here.) In first grade, I knew a girl who would cry over anything.... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Freedom

I'm kicking off the study of freedom by looking at its spiritual dimension: what does it mean to be free on a soul level? No other kind of freedom is as important or influential as this one. You could be free in every other way and be miserable for eternity. What does someone gain by... Continue Reading →


As children, we grew up reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing about the home of the free. Our nation has fought wars for it—both for ourselves and for others—for centuries. American culture places a high value on freedom, but is it manifested in the lives of those who love and live for Christ? If... Continue Reading →

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