God Did It!

Cheers to the Lord! (Don't worry. It's sparkling grape juice.) I wanted to let you in on the generosity of God through His people and to announce that every bit of that $8000 I needed to go through the training has been raised! The Lord has been so kind to me through this process of... Continue Reading →

Advice to the New Girl

(from your church planting sister who has been keeping a spot warm for you) Winters are loooooooong here. (There’s a reason they call us the Frozen Chosen.) Give yourself permission to make whatever adjustments you need to in order to deal with the cold and dark. Ideas: buy a new devotional that you’ll only break... Continue Reading →

A Plea for Planting Wives

Okay, here goes. I’ve unsuccessfully started this post four times now. So I’m dispensing with the flashy opening and just going with the un-pretty truth: as a church planting wife, I feel invisible. I am under constant spiritual attack, I have no idea what I’m doing, and no one around me is married to a... Continue Reading →

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