Book Report: Own Your Life

Own Your Life: Living with Deep Intention, Bold Faith, and Generous Love by Sally Clarkson

A mentor at heart, Sally warmly invites women along on a journey of basic discipleship, covering everything from the theoretical (the purpose of beauty, cultural imagination, God’s transcendence, etc.) to the practical (like the spiritual disciplines, handling past hurts, and marriage advice). Her work dismantles mediocrity and stirs up a desire for excellence in every aspect of life. She peppers the text with personal stories, quotes, questions, and prayers with her typical tone of gracious hospitality. Reading Sally’s words feels like an afternoon of sharing sweet tea and great conversation on a porch swing with a trusted friend. 

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Dream Big

I always get excited about switching over to a new calendar, but there’s an extra special feeling about it this year: things are getting real around my house. Back in October, I hatched an idea to begin strategically building family culture in 2021. Values were chosen. Books were purchased. And then I waited.

The waiting is now over, and we’re off to the races! January’s focus has our planners out and our eyes up.

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