A Thanksgiving Word Feast

The end of November has come, and festoon-feathered fowls everywhere run for cover. In light of the difficult year we’ve survived, I have gathered a smorgasbord of lyrics, verses, and quotes to help usher in a festive mood. Here’s hoping this feast of words will be to your soul what a really great pumpkin pie is to your tastebuds. Light the candles, put on some jazz, and dig in!

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The High Calling of Self-Improvement

“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.”

(Eleanor Powell)

I’m a big fan of tweaking *or overhauling* my home so it can work best for my family. Could we use more storage space in a particular corner? Is it time to replace some furniture? How about a good old-fashioned deep clean in that closet? Making changes to suit our current needs has proved a fun way to boost functionality. Home is a tool, and the same principle holds for all tools—efficiency is worth the cost of upkeep. This explains why we get our teeth cleaned, vehicles realigned, and septic tanks pumped. Neglect could lead to disaster.

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John 7 Wrap-Up

Who’s ready to party? The next stop on our global tour is the “biggest show on earth,” Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival! Prepare yourself for crazy costumes, amazing floats, and revelry like you can’t even imagine. And the best part is the massive person of Jesus with His arms outstretched over the entire scene. If you’re in the mood to celebrate, get off the bus; we’re here!

John 7 is set in Jerusalem at the Feast of Booths, the most popular Jewish holiday all year, and the jubilation is so thick you can almost taste it. At the height of the festivities, Jesus seizes His moment and causes quite a stir. Family drama, an old friend, political intrigue, bamboozled bouncers—this chapter has it all.

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