A God Who Destroys

The day God wrecked me began like any other: a thirty-minute commute (listening to Christian music), four college classes (with some fellow Christians), a little down time (reading a Christian book), and then work (for a Christian organization). Later I’d go home (to my Christian husband) and get ready for our midweek youth service (to help teens grow as Christians). Life—very ‘Christian’ and very undisturbed by Christ—was humming along happily.

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How to Sing Your Heart Back Home

Did you know you’re building a hymnal for your life?

It’s filled with lines from books, lyrics from songs, quotes from movies, and a unique assortment of other odds and ends you’ve picked up along the way. All such content filters through the grid of your mind and settles into the deepest places of your heart in a pattern as individual as the swirls on your finger.

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The Universe Doesn’t Love You (And Why That’s Good News)

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

(Genesis 1:1)

Ah, Pinterest. The adorable outfits, brilliant party ideas, decadent recipes: they all serve as creative inspiration for when I’m in a rut. Who knows how many hours (days?) I’ve spent beholding as much beauty there as my eyes could take in, gathering bits of goodness to sprinkle throughout my life and the world around me. I’m actually wired to do this—one of my top strengths is input. But like most things, Pinterest has a dark side.

It’s just as easy to find theological garbage as it is to find truth, often packaged with a pretty background and a fun font. For women with an abundance of free time and a lack of discernment, this is an especially dangerous situation.

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Home Values

Culture is a funny thing. It can make you chase bulls or hang up socks once a year, leave food at the cemetery or throw a tree. Nations have cemented certain customs that depict who they are as a people, and the sheer diversity of it all is breathtaking.

I’ve recently encountered the concept of family culture: the mix of rituals, rules, habits, and priorities unique to each household that creates a distinct group identity. Every family has one whether they try to or not. Now that Riley and I are parents of a three-month-old, we figured it would be a good time to sit down and hammer ours out, starting with the values we feel best reflect who we want to become together. Here are the results, along with some ideas for putting them into practice.

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