The Ringing of Redemption

What are your favorite sounds in the world? Your husband's warm chuckle? Soft snores from the kids' room? Coffee bubbling into your mug? Book pages turning? The crackle of a bonfire? Which noises make you come alive, settling a deep contentment in your soul? I personally thrill to the sound of a redemption bell. Never... Continue Reading →

A Reckless Love

Church music has been a battleground for ages. I'm guessing that around 900 AD, the pipe organ was a new-fangled, risqué addition to services that caused every medieval curmudgeon to scowl at how the young people were trying to change things up. More recently, Cory Asbury's 'Reckless Love' has sparked a bit of debate among... Continue Reading →

Your Secret Weapon

"Girl, that smile could light up a room." I'm never far away from a grin. The happy just kind of creeps out across my cheeks and up into my eyes. Very much like Buddy the elf, smiling's my favorite. In high school, I apparently looked so bubbly that the JROTC instructor asked if I was... Continue Reading →

She’s Pushed

"We are the women who want what God wants—more than we are afraid of it." (Ann Voskamp) Once upon a time, a girl sat at the bottom of a mountain in a shopping cart. She couldn't get out, and there was no one else around for miles. Knowing she just had to reach the peak... Continue Reading →


My absolute favorite part of any trip is coming home and unpacking. I don't care if I get to spend a month in Fiji on the beach (well, I mean, I might care a little)—unloading my suitcase, doing laundry, putting everything where it goes, and reestablishing my normal rhythms again? This is where my heart... Continue Reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things

November comes alive just in time to kiss the pumpkins, caving in slightly around the mouths, off our porches. She sweeps the last bits of leaves through the neighborhood in hopes of making our dwellings a brighter spark for family to flock toward like geese on their way home. The scent of fresh bread mingles... Continue Reading →

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