Dream Team 101

(Announcer’s voice:) “She pitches the ball to herself! She hits it and runs the bases! She catches the ball and throws it! She chases herself! She’s OUT!”

How weird would it be to go to a ball field and see a one-woman show? Nobody expects that. We all know that when we show up, there will be teams. The players will have practiced in a group format. They’ll have shared stories and secrets and probably deodorant unless they’re fifth-grade boys’ teams. They’ll dance and whoop or ugly cry at the end of the game, hugging one another and reminding themselves that they’re not in this alone. Such a microcosm of community life is a glorious picture of what “together” looks like.

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A Life of Ambiguity

“Morning, everyone! It’s nice to see so many of you interested in this class. Don’t worry—orientation will be quick. There’s no syllabus. Show up as often as you feel like this semester. We’ll have an exam at some point that will involve a lot of material we may or may not have covered. I’m not sure how much of your overall grade it will be or how it will be scored. There will probably be other things you have to do to pass, but whatever. You’ll find out how you did when we mail you your final grades. Good luck!”

Is anyone else hyperventilating?

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God in the Dark

“If you feel lonely, turn off every light in the house and watch a horror movie. Pretty soon, you won’t feel alone anymore.”

(Pinterest meme)

Since confession is good for the soul, you should know that I was scared of the dark until my mid-twenties. A full-time pastor’s wife with a college education sleeping with a nightlight. I was convinced that every villain, human or otherwise, would have unhampered access to me once I couldn’t see. (Only the gospel can give the freedom to share embarrassment like this and the grace needed to cover it.) If you’re in the same boat, I feel for you.

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Headed Home

I used to be scared to death of death. The worst-case scenario would play out in my eight-year-old brain: I’d show up at Judgment Day and get a scowl and the boot. I’d then be led off to spend eternity writhing in agony with worms and flames and demons, trying to figure out how I could have been better or done it right.

Mercy met me in the valley of the shadow of death. He opened my eyes to a fuller, deeper, truer, more robust brand of love than I’d ever dared to consider. This grace—could it be? And could it be for me? That shift in my awareness of reality changed everything. My greatest fear has become my truest hope. We’re all just passing through this life. Thanks be to God, there’s more waiting for us!

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Brave Second Chances

I wobbled to my feet, dazed, and wiped the blood from my nose. That’s one heck of a right cross. I’d just been knocked out by a forgotten resolution with a vendetta. Before I even realized I was in the ring, I was on my back.

In case you’re worried, this situation played out in my mind, not in real life. I had checked my blog post schedule only to find “year of brave” penciled in for today. That’s when it hit me: I’ve completely forgotten about my word for the year. I haven’t thought about it in over a month. Big deal, you say? To a recovering perfectionist with any kind of platform, the internal beating began.

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