Heroines Abound

In 1959, an ingenuitive mom in California created a doll for her daughter to play with, and it rocked the nation. Barbies are now found in most homes of little girls, and their tiny high-heeled shoes are the bane of many a barefoot parent's existence (allegedly only rivaled by legos). According to the Mattel website,... Continue Reading →

Be of Good (En)courage(ment)

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and fans are getting antsy. Snacks will be prepared, faces will be painted, and chaos will most definitely ensue. As you dust off your best game day recipes, here's something to ponder: what if you cheered on the people—all of the people—God has put in your life... Continue Reading →

Spirit of Heaviness

You groan: it's way too early to be awake, and it feels like someone is sitting on your chest. Or you walk into work and avoid eye contact because, all things considered, you just can't muster the emotional energy to do more than keep your head above water lately. Slumped shoulders. Shallow breaths. Constricted vision... Continue Reading →

When the Bubbles Pop

Bubbles are oddly fascinating to me. Iridescent, perfect, and more fragile than seems possible. No matter how ugly life gets, they float effortlessly with ease and beauty. In case you didn't know it, today is National Hugging Day. And also in case you didn't know it, I'm not naturally a hugger. One of my favorite... Continue Reading →

The Fairest of Them All

Lights flash and the crowd cheers as a once-frumpy mom prances onto the stage, hair gorgeous, makeup perfect, and clothes flattering and feminine. As petty as it may sound, I honestly love these moments. The newfound confidence just emanates from a creature who finally feels as pretty as she is. Growing up in the church,... Continue Reading →

Orphans No More

Some of my favorite people are orphans. And of course they're fictional characters. Anne Shirley, Harry Potter, Amy Pond, Frodo Baggins, Christine Daae, Dorothy Gale, Quasimodo, Lilo... throw in the functional orphans (hello, Eliza, Pippi, and Huck!), and you've got quite the crew ready to take on the world. When I was little, the four... Continue Reading →


Have you ever had a theme song for a particular season of life, an anthem that if you were quiet enough, you could almost hear spinning through the air? For the entire first year we lived in New England, mine was Home by Phillip Phillips. Nothing too flashy or deep; it just caught at me... Continue Reading →

Taming Your Wild Heart

I set out to title this post "Cultivating a Quiet Heart," but the picture I found was too perfect to not use. The power, the emotion, the effect: all work together to portray exactly what it looks like to settle yourself down into an attitude of calm when everything inside screams for action, for noise,... Continue Reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things

Welcome to a sparkly, stunning, brand-new year, friend! Let's hold our breath and jump in to the beautiful plans God has for us together. As we bravely venture forward into the great unknown with a fair amount of sass, here are some pieces of happiness to help light the way. Some January gifts to point... Continue Reading →

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